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I am a QA Engineer in training.

I have recently finished QA Engineer and QA Automation Engineer courses at GoIT Poland, which taught me basic concepts of Quality Assurance.

I am currently on the last stretch to earn a bachelor’s degree in Digital and Web Publishing at the University of Wrocław. This program gave me a background in information science, the history of media and communication, and assessing the quality of websites and written documents.

My current line of work is proofreading and editing documents and popular science books. Searching for errors and proposing solutions is my strong suit.

Software and technologies I have training in include:

  • Git,
  • TestRail,
  • Jira,
  • Postman,
  • JavaScript, node.js, Cypress,
  • SQL.

I have basic knowledge of programming due to a C++ course I took in high school (Akademickie Liceum Politechniki Wrocławskiej). I am also interested in learning Python and Bash because I am a Linux enthusiast.

If you are searching for a new member of your QA Team, you can contact me here: